Fill your May with blooms, sunshine, and beautiful surprises with this month’s gift with purchase!


Retail value: $5.92

Loyalty order: Lavender Lip Balm

Lavender Lip Balm locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration while maintaining youthful-looking lips with the antioxidant power of vitamin E.


Retail value: $132.88

Loyalty order: Rosemary essential oil, 15 ml

Get down to business with this hardworking herb! Rosemary essential oil features a fresh, invigorating herbal aroma that invites a work- or study-conducive environment. Add it to your hair care products for healthy-looking hair or combine it with massage oils for an after-workout rubdown you won’t forget!

Patchouli essential oil, 15 ml

Free spirits all agree: Patchouli essential oil’s rich, earthy, grounding aroma invites peace.* Combine it with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to improve the appearance of dry skin.


Retail value: $108.55

Progessence™ Plus Serum, 15 ml

It’s all pluses, no minuses! Progessence Plus Serum boasts natural, bioidentical progesterone from wild yams, moisturizing dry, aging skin a soft, smooth, and comfortable feeling.


Retail value: $170.72

Ylang Ylang essential oil, 15 ml

Ylang Ylang’s rich, sweet, floral aroma can be used while you inspire self-confidence and romance and uplift your spirit. Add it to your favorite skin and hair care products to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin and hair.

May loyalty order discount: 15 percent off

Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 (Item No. 24137):

Don’t sweat summer fun in the sun with Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50! This sunscreen offers powerful, reef-safe sun protection that’s free from harsh chemicals. Free of greasy residue , Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 is great for children and adults, so the whole family can enjoy the great outdoors.

Lavaderm™ After-Sun Spray (Item No. 20673):

Did you miss a spot with your sunscreen? Use Lavaderm After-Sun Spray to help soothe, cool, and moisturize the itching and pain that comes with that pesky sunburn.

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