Each oil is unique & wonderful.

Make sure you read the directions posted on Young Living’s Website to best decipher
if an oil needs to be diluted and how to best use each oil!

Because of Young Living’s high quality therapeutic grade essential oils, you can apply the oils topically.

Depending upon a person’s previous use of essential oils, this can determine the amount of dilution needed.

When starting to use Young Living essential oils, it is wise to dilute the oil when applying topically. On Young Living’s website, there are directions for how to best dilute each oil (if dilution is needed).

Isn’t it nice for a company to provide LOTS of information for customers to best use each oil?
We (and many others) think so too.

So…if an oil needs to be diluted, what can I use?

It is important to use a food-grade oil as a carrier oil in combining with essential oils. Customers of Young Living love using Young Living’s V-6 Carrier Oil. This V-6 carrier oil is a combination of 6 vegetable oils.

Young Living’s V-6 oil is wonderful as a dilutor of essential oils and further moisturizes the skin!

If you are waiting for your shipment of V-6 oil from Young Living, you can also use
food-grade oils as carrier oils such as: olive, avocado, sunflower, or coconut oil!

Young Living doesn’t stop there.

In need of a massage? Aren’t we all.

Young Living offers a wide variety of massage oils for customers.

To Skin – To Sports – the Young Living spectrum of oil opportunities continues.
There’s a blend out there for YOU!

These massage oils can additionally serve as carrier oils to add essential oils for an even better enhanced massage!

Do you love walking into your home smelling a refreshing scent?
Do you long for a lovely smell without the toxins loaded in candles & wall plug-ins?
We have the solution for YOU!

Young Living’s high quality oils can be diffused in a variety of their different diffuser models. These diffusers support use of oils aromatically. It’s amazing to make your home smell lovely without breathing in toxins.

What better combo is there for you, your family & your home?

Young Living is a truly unique company because it offers a line of suitable & safe dietary oils to ingest internally:
Vitality Essential Oils

Young Living’s line of Vitality Essential Oils can be used by customers in a wide variety of ways – from adding a drop of the oil to water to sip on, or by ingesting the oil internally through the use of capsules.

You can also add Vitality Oils to recipes and meals!

Simply adding a few drops to your meal makes the world of difference in delightful, refreshing taste profiles!

In addition, Young Living offers essential oil infused supplements which can be taken daily to help support your
digestive track, immune system, and more!

Did you know you can use oils to help support your animals?

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There are so many INCREDIBLE oils Young Living offers that help support the wellness of men.

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Young Living keeps the process of using essential oils simple.
AND our team is here to help support & encourage you.